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The Latest Idea: Business Storytelling

I've been helping people write their stories since 2003. That's the year that my friend asked me to help him write a book. That book is still in print today, and its stories are still inspiring people to live differently.

That project was a turning point for me as a writer. Since then, I have been honing my skills as a storyteller. More than ever, I believe in the power of stories.

In 2012, in addition to freelance work in book publishing, I began writing and editing stories for a nonprofit called MB Mission. With them, I have been personally involved in publishing 50-60 stories per year. More than 300 hundred stories later, I've learned a few things about how stories work and how people respond to them.

Recently, I began to explore the world of storytelling for business. In my reading and my interaction with others,

I began to discover that something was happening in the business world that was pushing storytelling back into the forefront of every cutting-edge marketing campaign. This was due to the fact that more and more people had become suspicious and jaded toward the bragging and manipulating of traditional advertising practices.

Businesses have become desperate as they face the simple question, How do we earn trust with customers?

Many have found a simple answer -- tell good stories.

Whether embedded in case studies, customer success stories, newsletters, or testimonials, personal stories of real-life engagement with a product or service have become the surest way for a company to build trust.

People want to hear your stories. Is your company delivering them? Can your company afford not to tell them?

You have success stories. If you want those stories to be captured in a way that effectively communicates the essence and purpose of your company, then perhaps we should talk about how we can do that together. 


I believe your best stories are yet to be told.



P.S. For a look at one of my business stories, click here.

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