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Obedient Love by Herbert C. Klassen

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Amazon Book Description:


Obedient Love is a comprehensive guide to the commands of Jesus. In sixteen easy-to-read chapters, Herb Klassen has carefully summarized these commands and applied them to our lives today. This book gets to the heart of what it means to love Jesus and to follow him. For anyone who desires to be obedient to Jesus, this book is an invaluable resource.

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Amazon/Kindle Book Description:


Chet is a young American who sets out on a one-month backpacking adventure in India. Though India itself offers him endless intrigue, Chet's trip quickly exposes longings and fears that confront him with questions about his own identity and purpose. All of his angst is heightened when Chet receives tragic news from home that mysteriously uncovers closer ties to India than he ever imagined. Suddenly, Chet's purpose is clarified and his trip is transformed into an intensely personal quest. 

In this poetic, first-person account, the author invites the reader on an intimate journey of discovery. The End of Chet is a story about courage and fear, about love and lust, about the pain of loss and the triumph of forgiveness. 

Join Chet today on his unforgettable adventure into India. 

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Amazon/Kindle Book Description:


This unique collection of poems is an invitation to slow down and think about what really matters in life. Poetry is the language of the heart; it is the expression of what is deep within us. From the beginning of time, humankind has grappled with faith and desire through poetic discourse. In that tradition, these poems are meant to inspire the reader to embrace the depths of reality with all its beauty and agony. If the reader is willing, these poems will stir their spiritual desires and help them understand the deep truth of what it means to be human before God. 

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