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The Idea Behind the Name

My namesake was a writer. He wrote the Gospel of Mark in the Bible. 

As the story goes, Mark wrote for Peter, one of Jesus’ closest friends. Peter had a story to tell, and so he enlisted his friend, Mark, who had an ability to write.

By putting into writing what was on Peter’s heart, Mark authored one of the most important documents in history, a remarkable piece of writing that found a prominent place in the bestselling book of all time.

The point is that Peter and Mark were able to do something great together.


In the spirit of my namesake, then, I am offering my services as a writer. I want to help others put into writing what is on their hearts and, in so doing, to make an impact for good in this world.


I believe in the power of collaboration. 

Not every writing project is of equal significance, but I feel that every project, however big or small, deserves careful attention. Everyone has something important to say, but not everyone gets the opportunity to put it into writing. 

Among those who think about writing, few attempt it, and even fewer succeed at it. Some simply need motivation and encouragement, while others need practical help. Some may not have the time or expertise to get the job done.

Sometimes, the Peters of this world need a Mark.


So, if you need help with writing, maybe we should consider collaborating. If the vision captures both of our hearts, then let’s get to work and see what we can do together.




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