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Here are a few comments from some of the people that have contracted services from Namesake.

Kenton MacDonald-Lin
Kenton Media Productions

"I have contracted Namesake on several projects, including website landing pages, marketing print materials, and scripting voiceovers for commercials and promo videos. What Mark brings to writing is the ability to help us connect to our target audience. He understands the nuance and usage of words. Mark is worth everything you invest in booking him for his consulting and writing. Whether it has been for a small or large company, Namesake was able to work with us and help us make our communication clearer for our clients." 



"I had worked on my memoirs for years but was never able to complete the project on my own. I wanted someone who would meet with me face to face, not just by email. Mark was recommended to me and he delivered on his commitment to help me finish my book. I was very happy with the final product and pleased to have it published by Namesake." 



Henry Rempel
President of HJ Rempel Industries and author of Building Life's Bridges: A Memoir and Tribute (Namesake Publishing, 2013).

More testimonials avaliable.  

Randy Friesen
Speaker, Former General Director of Multiply

"I’ve had the privilege of working with many gifted communicators and writers, but Mark Klassen has been unique. His ability to capture and communicate my voice in his writings has led to a wonderful partnership over many years. Mark asks good questions, is discerning in his direction, and is a gifted writer."

Dan Baumann
Author and Speaker

"Mark and I have worked on two different book projects together. His friendliness, godliness and commitment to excellence in writing have been an inspiration to me."



"As the owner of a communications company, I go to Namesake when I need high-quality writing. I know I can rely on Mark to get the job done and meet or exceed expectations. I've benefitted from his knowledge of the charitable sector as well as his ability to learn about new industries on the fly. Mark is sharp, speedy and extremely capable."



Eric Reynolds
Wordcraft Corporate Storytelling
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