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The quick version in third-person?

Mark lives in Yarrow, British Columbia, Canada. He is married with three children and loves life as a husband and father. After growing up and going to school in nearby Abbotsford, Mark embraced the opportunity to travel and was privileged to visit more than forty countries around the world. He went to university in Hawaii and then returned to Canada to do graduate studies, at which time he also met his wife. In 2005, the Klassen family of five moved to New Delhi, India. After six amazing years there, they returned to Canada where Mark began to pursue writing full-time.

Mark loves helping others communicate more effectively through writing. It was out of this passion that he launched Namesake Writing Services in 2010. Since then, he's been involved in various book projects as co-author, editor, proofreader and publisher, as well as in a wide variety of writing projects for  nonprofits, businesses, schools and individuals.

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Mark's other interests include walking, hiking, reading, cooking, travel, film, photography, poetry, peacemaking and parkour. 

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