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My Business Model


Work hard. Be honest. Show respect.

Provide great writing services at great rates for great customers.


Believe in people. Learn from them. Be fun to work with.

Collaborate. Appreciate. Celebrate.

Applaud other writers. Encourage other small businesses.

Aim at staying small. Aspire to modest, linear growth.

Resist exponential growth, violent expansion, and unlimited networking.

Believe in community, good vibes and word of mouth.

Don’t expect customers to pay for work they don't like.

Clarify expectations. Fulfill obligations. 

Impress people by being kind, funny and diligent.

Care about quality, integrity and beauty.

Listen a lot. Smile a lot.


I have known many wonderful people in business,

but I want to thank three men in particular

who have inspired me in this area:

Frank Ens

Gerry Dyck

Henry Rempel

Thanks, gentlemen. It's been a privilege to know you, to work with you,

and to call you my friends. You may not agree with everything in my

business model, but you have certainly inspired me to do business better. 

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